With the strategic catalyst of “Digital China”, the government cloud has gradually become a potential market for many cloud service providers. It is also the general trend. In the era of digital government affairs, blockchain technology has a wide range of applications in the field of government affairs, such as digital identity.

As one of the next generation global credit authentication and value Internet basic agreements, blockchain is regarded as a major breakthrough technology that completely changes the operation mode of business and even organization. More and more governments and organizations pay attention to it, and begin to explore the application in many industries. How to apply it to digital government has become one of the key directions of discussion.

Meanwhile, in order to build Digital China, digital transformation is imminent. Digital identity is the foundation of digital activities, and its development is very important. Blockchain technology provides a relatively credible solution to a certain extent by virtue of its characteristics of decentralization, multilateral consensus, difficult to tamper with, openness and transparency. Another direction of current discussion is studying the combination of digital identity and blockchain technology and taking digital identity management as an important basic capability of blockchain application

The 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit will be held in Beijing on November 8, 2019, and it will be hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Communication Standards Association, Trusted Blockchain Initiatives, and co-organized by Techwalker. In order to further understand the technological environment of blockchains and promote the popularization of government application and digital identity of blockchains, a blockchain government application and digital identity forum will be arranged during 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit. Relevant industry experts, enterprise executives, government officials and technical experts will be invited to jointly discuss how the deep integration of blockchain and government affairs will solve the problems of people’s livelihood, the development trend of “blockchain + digital identity”, as well as the security, industrial value and development direction of blockchain government affairs, too discuss how to better serve the network governance with blockchain digital identity technology, for providing valuable reference for relevant practitioners.

Blockchain technology is driving the construction of digital government and the development of Digital China. What is needed is not only the innovation of enterprise technology, but also more investment from the government in this field and the change of cognition.

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