Blockchain is driving the transformation of technology, framework, efficiency and mode of the whole real economy with new thinking mode and technical framework. In this situation, how to implement blockchain technology and how to highly enable it to the real economy are thought-provoking.

The 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit will be held in Beijing on November 8, and it will be hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Communication Standards Association, Trusted Blockchain Initiatives. As a top-level event in blockchain, with the full usage of advantages of the platform, this summit will focus on the implementation of blockchain application and enable the ecological innovation and evolution of blockchain.

At present, the traditional tracing industry is facing such problems as simple tracing ways and easy to be tampered with in the middle part. With the help of blockchain technology, the information of commodity raw material circulation process, generation process, commodity circulation process and sales process can be integrated into the blockchain, which can effectively guarantee the authenticity of data and achieve the tracing of quality products in the whole process.

To this end, a forum on blockchain and tracing certification will be held during 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit, and relevant government leaders, authoritative technical experts in blockchain field and leading industrial enterprises will be invited to give keynote speeches and share. It will bring the latest demand, practical experience and in-depth insight for the application of blockchain technology in the field of tracing and certification, and jointly promote the rapid implementation of blockchain in this field.

One of the important significance of this summit is proceeding from the actual situation and solving practical problems. In addition to tracing and certification forum, in the summit, special forums on several vertical topics will be arranged, such as finance, government application and digital identity, in order to better promote blockchain technology to serve the development of the real economy and further promote the in-depth implementation of blockchain technology in finance, government affairs, energy, intellectual property, network security and other fields.

At that time, nearly 1,000 blockchain experts, enterprise leaders and technology representatives from home and abroad will gather here and give you a knowledge feast that you can benefit a lot, from industry analysis, case analysis to technical framework.

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