On July 2, 2019, the Second Plenary Meeting of the Supplychain Collaborative Application Project Group of the Trusted Block Chain Promotion Plan was held at Lenovo Headquarters in Beijing. The meeting was presided over by Guo Xiaobing, the project group leader and research director of Lenovo Research Institute's block chain.

Keynote Speech on Green Supplychain by Tian Hui, the Deputy Director of China Household Appliance Research Institute

Tian Hui, the Deputy Director of China Household Appliance Research Institute, delivered a speech on the theme of Green Supplychain. Green supplychain is one of the application scenarios of supplychain coordination. Based on the concepts of environmental protection and resource conservation, the green supplychain runs through the whole process from product design to scrap disposal. Through the cooperation between the upstream and downstream supplychains of enterprises, the coordination between economic activities and environmental protection of enterprises is strengthened.

Discussion on Articles of Association and Annual Work Plan of Supply chain Collaborative Application Group.

At the meeting, Zhang Yihui, the Deputy Director of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Planning Office, worked with all member units of the project group to formulate the annual work plan, determine the future development direction of the project group, discuss the draft review of the project group's work regulations, standardize the behaviors and organizational structure of the members, by gathering wisdom, collecting strength, and uniting minds to accelerate the application of blockchain in the supplychain coordination field.

Visiting Lenovo Future Center 

Lenovo Future Center has just been completed. It strives to make the public feel the intelligent life of the whole scene intuitively, to provide digital transformation ideas for enterprises, to provide solutions for the industry in the intelligent transformation, and to contribute to the society's innovative thinking that connects the future.

In the future, the Collaborative Application Group of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan Supplychain will work with other project groups to jointly improve the industry influence of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan and contribute to the healthy and orderly development of the domestic blockchain.

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