The seminar on Application Standards for Financial Industry Systems in Blockchain in Supply Chain of trusted blockchain was held on July 26, 2019 in  CAICT. The seminar was presided over by He Tao, the CAICT researcher on the blockchain. About 20 participants attended the seminar from ICBC Technology, Minsheng Bank, Tencent Cloud, Jingdong Digital Technology, Lenovo,  Kingsoft Cloud, E-Visible, UMFintech, Clodon, Shenzhen Wealedger, Shanghai Onchain, Xi 'an Ziggurat, Beijing Bvaluate , Xuketianxia and other enterprises.

Secretary General of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan, Kai Wei, first introduced the work of trusted blockchain in vertical application research and standard setting of blockchain. The supply chain finance business can help to solve the problems of financing difficulty and high financing cost for small and micro enterprises. At the same time, in the Guidance for Promoting the Real Economy of Supply Chain Financial Services recently issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, banks and insurance institutions are encouraged to embed new technologies such as Internet of Things and blockchain into trading links to improve the level of intelligent risk control.

He Tao, the CAICT’s Researcher on the blockchain, introduced the standard's orientation, standard structure, functional view and usage. The seminar discussed the standard's structural framework, compiling ideas and verification details. After discussion among the participating members, agreement was reached on the structure and content of the standard. Subsequently, the meeting held a special discussion on some difficulties, problems and future development directions in the finance practice through current blockchain in supply chain.

Finally, He Tao, the CAICT’s researcher on the blockchain, summed up the seminar. The discussion on the standard of the trusted blockchain was lively and fruitful. He hoped that the next event would be even more exciting.

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