On August 15, 2019, an international standards seminar jointly organized by Chinese unifying work group of ITU-T SG16 and TBI was held at China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT). This seminar was presided over by Zhang Yihui, the head of the International Cooperation Group of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program. Dr. Luo Zhong, the Chairman of ITU-T SG16, and Wei Kai, the Chairman of ITU-T FG DLT, were invited to have a wonderful sharing on international standards work. More than 30 experts from ITU-T SG16 unifying work group and member units of the Promotion Program participated in the seminar.

First of all, the Chairman of ITU-T SG16 Luo Zhong, gave a detailed introduction to the organizational structure of ITU-T SG16 and the results of its work in recent years. He pointed out that ITU-T SG16 has expanded its scope of work from the original multimedia to e-Service such as the Internet of Things, and is actively expanding its research work in the fields of video surveillance, AI, medical health and the Internet of Vehicles. Regarding the future development, Luo Zhong stressed that e-Service is still the focus of ITU-T SG16' s future research and development, and it is still necessary to build an industry platform to build a nest and attract talents.

Subsequently, ITU-T FG DLT Chairman and TBI Secretary General Kai Wei shared the target orientation, organizational structure and work content of the focus group of the distributed book, and introduced in detail the output results of the focus group in seven aspects including the distributed ledger system structure, application cases and regulatory framework. He pointed out that it is relatively easy to establish the blockchain standard, but it is very difficult to produce a globally accepted blockchain standard. TBI needs to strengthen its integration with enterprises, with the help of industry, to promote the standardized transformation and output of more achievements, and to be able to make a better international voice.

At the meeting, all participating experts of ITU-T SG16 unifying work group and member units of the Promotion Plan actively spoke on key issues such as how to strengthen the cooperation between the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan and ITU-T SG16 unifying work group in the international standardization of blockchains and distributed ledger. They expressed their support and thoughts for the international standardization work in combination with their business practices, hoping to help build a new ecology of international cooperation from multiple dimensions such as technology, application, standards and supervision.

Experts from CAICT, Tencent Cloud, Ziggurat, Hyperchain, Cryptape, Tai, Tencent Technology, Ping An Group, Bubi, UMFintech, ICBC Technology, China Mobile Research Institute, China Unicom, Client Serivcee, Peogoo, Baidu, Jingdong Digital Technology, ZTE, YongxinHuayun and China Telecom Research Institute attended the meeting. In the future, our international cooperation group will hold more events and welcome everyone to participate.

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