With great potential for reform, blockchain technology, which is expected to become an important component of the digital economy information infrastructure, is changing or being about to changing the development prospects of various industries. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 provinces and cities in China have issued incentive policies on blockchain, and more than 40 central enterprises are actively exploring the application of blockchain.

Blockchain is still in the early stage of development with many challenges, great efforts should be made in the large-scale application of blockchain technology in real economy, and the irreplaceable advantages of blockchain still need to be further explored, and the application model shall be clearly put forward. The most important issue at the present stage is to build up the trust and confidence of the whole society in the blockchain technology and explore the best path for integrating blockchain with real economy.

The "Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019" will be co-hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Communications Standards Association and Trusted Blockchain Initiatives in Beijing on November 8. Leaders from domestic authorities, domestic and foreign industry experts, experts and scholars of think tanks, and nearly 1,000 elites from leading blockchain enterprises will be invited to attend the Summit. The Summit will comprehensively show the latest developments in blockchain technology industry, the application hotspots and benchmark cases, discuss the challenges of blockchain application implementation and the perfect path of blockchain empowering real economy.

Highlight 1: Significant report - The most practical guide to trusted blockchain in 2019

Blockchain creates a new trust mechanism in digital world. With the aim of promoting the sound and healthy development of blockchain industry, more than 200 enterprises led by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology officially launched the "Trusted Blockchain Initiatives" and published the evaluation results of the first batch of trusted blockchain standard tests in 2018. In Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019, the evaluation results of second batch of trusted blockchain will be released to further accelerate the update of trusted blockchain standards, rationally facilitate the standardization of blockchain, and orderly promote the deep integration of blockchain and real economy.

Through deep practice, the Summit will also release a series of authoritative and significant reports, including the second term of trusted blockchain outstanding cases, blockchain and supply chain financial standards, white paper on blockchain and supply chain collaboration, which collect the most practical guide to trusted blockchain in 2019, to provide professionals in the industry with a best platform that they can share experience, exchange knowledge and have an one-stop understanding of the blockchain technology, and the frontiers of its application and standard.

Highlight 2: Practical implementation - Seek a perfect way for blockchain empowering real economy

Blockchain is driving the reform of technology, framework, efficiency and mode of the whole real economy with new thinking models and technical architectures. We should think that how can such glorious blockchain technology be practically implemented and how can it empower the real economy.

Focusing on the forefront of blockchain technology, the main forum of Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019 will deeply analyze the current macroeconomic situation and the global blockchain development roadmap, to thoroughly understand the potential of blockchain technology to reform the financial society in the future and explore the real experience and lessons of the integration of blockchain and real economy.

Different from other conventional discussions on technology or application, this Summit will truly reflect the current development status and demand of blockchain in China, and provide the enterprises with most authentic and needed development orientation reference.

Highlight 3: Hot topic - Multiple forums with parallel themes and comprehensively deep interpretation

Grasping the latest trends of blockchain technology and standards in the world, learning the experience from the current international blockchain industry development, and blockchain empowering ecological innovation and evolution are the themes of Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019.

The Summit also will set up forums on multiple vertical issues such as finance, tracing, privacy computing, data and sharing to better promote the blockchain technology to service real economy, thus accelerate the implementation of blockchain technology in finance, government administration, energy source, intellectual property, network security and other fields and exploit the innovation breakthrough potential of blockchain in traditional industries.

There will be nearly 1,000 blockchain experts, business leaders and technology experts from home and abroad gather here, to provide you with a feast of knowledge from industry analysis, case analysis to technical architecture suggestions. Numerous masters share their experience, interpretate future trend to seek a common development, the Trusted Blockchain Summit 2019 will renew your knowledge of blockchain technology.

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